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Moving on…

I’ve set up a new www site with my very own URL and blog. Go visit So I’ll be shutting this one down soon. Thanks for stopping by. Advertisements

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Don’t Lose Your Tax Exempt Status!!

If you are a nonprofit, make sure you don’t lose your tax exempt status. According to an April 23 article in the New York Times, a “new law, embedded in the 393 pages of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, … Continue reading

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Offend? or Not?

The last post gave me an idea for a new post. I recently got yet another call from some police organization or other asking for a donation.  Before the poor caller could continue with the canned speech, I interrupted to say that my husband … Continue reading

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What are we all so afraid of?

Have you ever noticed that nonprofits go out of their way not to ask for money directly? We have bake sales. We have silent auctions. We have these big ole benefits where they hope ticket sales and sponsors cover the cost of the … Continue reading

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