See that road above?

That’s the road to find funding. And lately, there’s not been much funding to keep nonprofits “profitable,” or even going.

20 years ago, I made my first venture into nonprofit fundraising, raising $20k in one month so I could go to Moscow (in the USSR at the time) for a year and teach.

Later, I chaired the Board of a nonprofit, raising donations through grant-writing, personal appeals, and giving the “ask” at those fancy fundraising dinners.

Then I became a nonprofit consultant.

Don’t you love reading those little paragraphs giving someone’s bio. Those credential-filled descriptions of why this person is really fit to do this job, provide that consulting? They are written in the third person as if someone else was extolling the expert. We all know who really writes those bios…

So, here are my credentials.

By me.

I got a BS in Computer Science from Duke (But I am really not a geek. Seriously! Ok, maybe a nerd)

I got my MBA (in Finance) from Wharton (But I am really not a gazillionaire. Seriously! Sigh)

I spent much of my career in the for-profit sector in product management and marketing, most recently running a small software firm.

But I’ve done nearly as much over the years in the nonprofit sector:  as a volunteer and as a professional.

As a nonprofit consultant, I’ve trained nonprofits in the art (and science) of fundraising, conducted stakeholder and fundraising audits, written fundraising and communications plans, run fundraisers, and provided assistance in every aspect of fundraising and donor communication.

Enough with the credentials. Onto the show (that means go back to the Blog post or read my Services in the next tab).


One Response to About

  1. Niki W says:

    I like the way the Susan Koman Foundation gets individuals to raise money from their friends and acquaintances. My future DIL had breast cancer at 22 years old. I can ask anyone I know to help raise money for her and my son to walk in the 3-Day here in Atlanta. It is personal and even if the person I ask doesn’t know them, they know me. The one I hate is the Knoxville Police, probably the one you mention, to go to some event they are hosting. They try to sound like someone you already know, too familiar, almost creepy. I think they tell you, you donated last year whether you did or not. I don’t like the United Way either the way corporations demand participation from their employees. I have even hear it presented as a ‘must’ if you want continued employment.

    I haven’t made it back to Knoxville yet but will let you know when I do come, maybe in the next couple of weeks. Niki

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