How to ask for donations… not!

Based on the feedback of my esteemed commenters, along with my own experience, here are a few things NOT to do when you ask for donations:

– Act like you know the potential donor when you really don’t!

Niki says that it’s “creepy.”  Ooh – I think so, too, especially when they mispronounce your name as in “Oh, hello, Mrs. Kalalahah. Are you having a good day today?” And before you can even respond, “That’s great. Well, I was calling about…” Click

– Don’t bother getting to know the person at all.

Don’t even have a conversation with him/her. Don’t ask the other person any questions about their interests – show no concern AT ALL. (Yeah –  that will get you a donation… NOT!)

– Put lots of pressure on the person to give. Don’t give them an out.

While you are at it, ask for a really big donation that’s far beyond the person’s means.

– Use guilt.

 Ask your spouse/friends/kids how well THAT works!

– Don’t share any compelling stories about how your nonprofit has affected people’s lives.

– Hide your passion. Be stoic.

– Never include an self-addressed envelope for a return gift

By the way, if you do remember to include an envelope, it’s probably better not to put on a stamp because then it looks like you are spending too much of your donations on stamps that may never be used.

– Act fearful and apologetic when you ask for money.

That will impart alot of confidence in your nonprofit… NOT!

Any more ideas of what NOT to do?

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One Response to How to ask for donations… not!

  1. Beth Kanter says:

    Terrific post -you can learn how to do something from understanding what not to do.

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